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Epoxy FLooring Experts In Kansas City, MO

We at S & D Flooring want to give you the best epoxy installation services possible. Our dedicated team of professionals works around the clock to preserve the environment, defend our way of life, and enlarge people’s hearts. We are an honest, aspirational, and consistently trustworthy partner. We install top-notch epoxy flooring to change spaces.

Our epoxy floor coverings are incredibly durable and absolutely non-porous. Epoxy can protect floors from wear and tear, enhance frictional (anti-slip) qualities, and guarantee surface evenness for easy operations. Epoxy flooring has a seamless surface that is simple to clean and helps to maintain cleanliness and odor control.

What is epoxy flooring?

The most basic description refers to a flooring surface made up of several layers of epoxy that are applied with a minimum depth of two millimeters. When contrasting an epoxy floor and an epoxy floor coating, confusion frequently results. The depth of the floor determines the difference. Epoxy floors are categorized as epoxy coating with a minimum thickness of two millimeters. An epoxy floor coating is a term used to describe a floor that is less than two millimeters thick.

Why choose Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy coatings definitely stand out from other possibilities when it comes to selecting a new flooring system for a commercial, residential, garage, or other surface. For any surface, epoxy flooring is incredibly attractive and long-lasting.

Epoxy flooring is the most durable flooring option available, which appeals to our consumers because of its resistance to heavy wear and tear. At S & D Flooring, you can depend on a highly qualified and reputable team of flooring specialists to give you the best epoxy flooring services. Our staff has expertise in flawless epoxy floor installation.

Customized Service

Our objective is to provide our customers with the most exquisite, useful, and reasonably priced floor that completely meets their needs. With every distinctive design, we encourage an integrated experience and provide a huge selection of personalized colors. We are experts in producing epoxy flooring of the highest caliber. Every task is significant to us because neither a project is too big nor too small.

As the top epoxy flooring contractors, we take great pleasure in our stellar work, attention to detail, and unmatched concern for client satisfaction. Call us right now to speak with one of our experts. Before we give you the best epoxy flooring services, you can obtain a free estimate and consultation.